About Us is the wholesale outlet of Unlimited Health LLC, which manufactures and distributes organic and natural Ayurvedic products, superfoods, supplements, and natural body care products. Here is a list of our most popular products:

  • Ayurvedic Roast, the best selling organic coffee substitute: Ayurvedic Roast
  • Grass-fed organic whey protein
  • Organic Ayurvedic teas and spices formulated to specifically balance every Dosha
  • Organic shampoo, made with rare botanical herbs and only essential oils as fragrances

We also have available some amazing natural body care products directly imported from Australia:

  • Elmore Oil, the #1 selling pain relief ointment in Australia, all natural and very effective
  • StopHair, the only natural hair inhibiting spray that actually works
  • MegaLash, clinically proven serum to enhance eyelash and eyebrow appearance

This website makes available all products that Unlimited Health LLC currently manufactures, available for purchase only by brick and mortar retailers, natural food stores, Co-ops, spas, and health practioners. We are sorry, but we do not allow the resale of any of our products on any online websites or marketplaces (like Amazon).

If you are a retail customer and would like to try our products please visit our retail website here:

Here is our full company address if you wish to contact us:

Unlimited Health LLC
807 S. 3rd
Fairfield, IA 52556

We look forward to serving you.

You may also email us by clicking here.

Please note that we do not allow the resale of any of our products online, which includes your own website or on any third party marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, etc.