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"Elmore oil relieved my sore muscles within 5 minutes. It is now part of my daily regimen. It really works! "
- Tim D.

Why We Love Elmore Oil

  • All natural - only 4 ingredients: Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Vanilla
  • Elmore Oil is an excellent pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, which makes it one of the very best options to treat recurring back pain, no matter what the cause.
  • Useful for all kinds of joint pain.
  • Apply Elmore Oil twice a day by gently massaging a small amount until fully absorbed.

Elmore Oil is a proven pain reliever and anti inflammatory, which makes it one of the very best options to treat recurring back pain, no matter what the cause. Whether your back pain is caused from muscle strain or from inflammation, Elmore Oil will provide you with fast relief and a good nights sleep. It doesn't matter if its caused by pain radiating from your neck and upper back or a direct problem in the lumbar area, Elmore Oil can provide improved quality of life by relieving the pain and providing you the opportunity to go about your daily activities uninhibited by pain or lack of movement.

How Does Elmore Oil Work?

The 4 key ingredients in Elmore Oil are blended using a unique process of maturing which enhances the potency of the essential oils and binds them to the vanilla which acts as a circulatory stimulus, carrying the actives to the direct source of the pain fast and effectively. Simply apply Elmore Oil to the painful area, by gently massaging in twice a day for at least 5 days, then as required after that. You will notice an improvement in pain levels from the first time you apply and you will finally enjoy a relaxing nights sleep.

How To Use Elmore Oil

For hip pain, back pain, neck pain and other joint and muscular pain apply Elmore Oil to the painful area twice a day by gently massaging a small amount of oil into the area, until fully absorbed. Use everyday for up to 14 days, to obtain the maximum anti-inflammatory benefit, then just use as required.

Elmore Oil: A blend of four natural oils to assist in pain relief

The genius of the Australians in the development of an alternative and natural pain relief product, originated in 1995 and has been used as a registered topical. The complimentary blend of Elmore Oil makes use of a three-pronged approach to offer anti-inflammatory properties, improve circulation while offering pain relief.

Pain, in any part of the body, creates a reduced physical and mental condition. In the battle to fight off the pain, the body’s defense mechanisms route hormones and chemicals to the brain and pain areas. This can create lack of focus and a sense of overall exhaustion. As temporary relief from pain, Elmore Oil is a suggested answer in the search for natural alternatives to medications and drugs that carry harsh side effects.

Elmore Oil Benefits

  • Nature and science works together through clinical trials of Elmore Oil for therapeutic temporary pain relief.
  • Ingredients include a blend of four essential oils that are sourced from nature.
  • Safe for the skin, Elmore Oil is a natural alternative to harsh medications that may have physical side effects
  • Ease of application as a topical requires only a small amount to the general pain area.
  • Brings safe and natural temporary pain relief associated with joint pain, muscle strain, and even simple back ache.
  • Topical applications of Elmore Oil is longer lasting than other products in pain relief, and can last as long as six hours.

How Does Elmore Oil Work?

A unique blending process itself that was developed by the creator, known as chiral technology, allows the ingredients to mature over time. This process brings about a chemical binding called ‘Triple Maturation” to create enhanced potency. This extended time period gives the oils the ability to bring more powerful natural ingredients as an anti-inflammatory. Elmore Oil has additional properties that also aid in circulation.

Specific strains of each of the ingredients were individually selected and tested for the highest quality benefits. The selection of specially blended extracts has been tailored to a set of specific characteristic to provide an oil that is safe and mild for the skin and includes unique penetrating characteristics not normally found in a vegetable oil.

How to Use Elmore Oil

Simply apply Elmore Oil to the painful area, by gently massaging in twice a day for at least five days, then as required after that. You may notice an improvement in pain levels from the first time you apply. As you continue to use Elmore Oil on a daily basis the anti-inflammatory properties of the Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil can go to work on the pain areas, progressively restoring your movement and mobility again.

The combined three-pronged approach for the temporary reduction of pain allows the oils to address the specific pain points, even those that may be caused by sports injury or longer term conditions. Elmore Oil goes a long way, so only a small application is required.

Ingredients in Elmore Oil

Olive Oil is the base ingredient used in Elmore Oil. Specific virgin extract strains were selected after testing and trials of twenty two Olive Oil types. Olive oil has been used throughout the centuries as a pain reliever due to its contents of oleocanthal, also known as EVOO, which inhibits the bodies COX-1 and COX-2 inflammatory enzymes.

Tea Tree Oil has been used for years by the Australian Aborigines as a pain reliever, for the healing of wounds and as an antiseptic. The tea tree oil is distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia from the New South Wales region of Australia. This region is known for the most consistent and finest strains of tea tree oil in the world.

Eucalyptus Oil has been used by cultures around the world for its analgesic and pain relieving properties. The eucalyptus oil used in Elmore Oil is distilled from the leaves of the Australian Eucalyptus Polybractea (also known as the Blue Mallee) and is one of the most potent in the natural content of Cineole in the world. The critical trace elements that is found in this particular oil interacts with the Tea Tree Oil in the Triple Maturation process so that it provides Elmore Oil with properties that cannot be matched by any other product.

Vanilla: A proprietary blend of vanilla extracts brings the long known benefits of vanilla including antioxidant and relaxing properties.

Always confer with your primary care physician before making any changes to your medical and treatment regiments.